Heat activated adhesive films

Yparex® heat activated adhesive films are flexible thin layers of high-performance bonding agents. Despite their relative thinness (50-100 mm), they offer an impressive level of bonding performance for many applications such as (geo)textiles, furniture, shoes, wood composites.

Yparex® heat activated adhesive films are applied as solids. By laminating the substrates become wetted properly, resulting in great adhesion. To meet different wetting requirements, Yparex® can offer adhesive films with different viscosity. Unlike liquid adhesives, the Yparex®adhesive film is very low on volatiles. As a result, The Yparex® films meet various air quality requirements in the automotive industry.

Yparex® offers flexibility in the dimensions (width, thickness, length) of the adhesive film. This all makes Yparex® adhesive films ideal for automated processes and industrial applications.

Yparex® heat activated adhesive films remain tack-free until activated by an external heat source. Elevated temperatures – usually 150º C or higher – must be maintained for a specific period on the film to achieve adequate bonding. Yparex® heat activated adhesive films do not crosslink during the processing.

These Yparex® films are especially designed for bonding polyolefin (PE or PP) substrates with polar substrates such as Polyamide, Aluminium, Glassfiber mats, Natural fibers, etc. 

This compatibility makes heat activated adhesives a popular choice for laminating, compression molding, and thermoplastic welding in a broad range of applications. 

These adhesive films are widely used, especially in the textile and composite industry. 
Besides these films, the Yparex experts can develop more heat activated adhesive films based on different Yparex® grades (with different properties).
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Yparex® heat activated adhesive films
Yparex® heat activated adhesive films
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