PV Modules

Encapsulant solar films
Yparex® offers a special range of PolyOlefin Elastomer (POE) based encapsulant solar films. These products are very successful in increasing the performance and durability of Photovoltaic Cells. Drawbacks of traditionally used EVA Encapsulant films can be overcome by these special POE based encapsulant films.

Yparex® POE encapsulant films show better performance with regards to:
  • Electrical performance
  • Potential Induced degradation
  • Water Vapour Transmission Rate
  • Weathering stability
  • Corrosion protection
  • Shrinkage during lamination
  • Optical transmission
  • Suitable for double-glass modules
  • Weight
  • Adhesion to glass
Kiwa aproval for Yparex® POE encapsulant film.
TULiPPS BV developed the COSMOS M300 lightweight POE solar photovoltaic module using Yparex® POE encapsulant film. Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A. has tested this PV module and it passed the qualification with outstanding results. 

For more information, read the blog artikel "YPAREX® SOLAR ENCAPSULANT FILM RECEIVES THUMBS UP FROM KIWA" or contact us.

Tailoring properties
Yparex® is continiously enhancing the properties of the encapsulant film. Selecting and adding special additives to meet product requirements is the know how of the Yparex® team. 
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PV Modules
PV Modules
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