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For the Building & Construction industry, Yparex® offers adhesive resins for multi-layer pipe applications, steel pipe coating, cable jacketing and cladding panels.

Multilayer Pipe
Sanitary and heating pipes (aluminium composite pipes)
In multilayer composite pipes for sanitary hot and cold water supply and/or radiant heating systems, combinations of PE-RT or cross-linked PE and aluminium are used. Yparex® is the enabling technology that makes it possible to combine the best of both metals and polymers in these structures by providing an optimal degree of bonding over a wide temperature range.

Floor and wall heating/cooling (barrier pipes)
Combinations of PE with EVOH provide the right oxygen barrier properties and mechanical strength for use with in-floor heating pipes. As a bonding material, Yparex® provides excellent adhesion and long term durability under continuously changing temperatures.

Multi layer copper pipe
Developments in the copper pipe market required the development of a special adhesive resin that maintains its initial good adhesive strength over time and especially under high temperature conditions (up to 95°C).
A tri-layer structure of Cu / Yparex 9403 M / PE offers significant cost and weight reduction vs. traditional mono-material copper pipes for use in applications like sanitary hot and cold water plumbing. For these applications, Yparex® offers high adhesion levels over a broad temperature range to ensure long term durability. 

Steel pipe coating
Steel pipes for oil and gas transportation require optimal corrosion and weathering protection. A tri-layer system of Epoxy base coating / Yparex / Polyolefin top coat provides a high degree of corrosion protection in this rugged field application while assuring long operating life for the pipe.

Wall Cladding
In modern architecture, the use of aluminium panels to decorate building exteriors is continuously growing. To manage both costs and weight, cladding panels are increasingly designed and equipped with lightweight sandwich panels consisting of a 5-layer structure of Aluminium / Yparex / filled PE / Yparex / Aluminium. This structure offers high aesthetics, low weight and cost, and a quality siding solution.
Cable Jacketing
Today’s high- and extra high-voltage electrical cables are typically multi-materials constructions of metals, polymers and fillers. The cables require optimal protection against water penetration. In order to properly join aluminium cable jackets to the outside PE coating, reliable bonding is crucial. Fortunately, Yparex® has demonstrated optimal performance under the severe testing conditions – conditions that mimic just the environment the cables have to endure.
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Building & Construction
Building & Construction
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