Yparex® is a family of maleic-anhydride-(MAH)-functionalised polyolefins. For each of its many application areas Yparex® has suitable grades. The grades are characterized by density and melt flow index, melting temperature and the level of functional groups. Functionality for the varying application range is also obtained by using a large array of different base polymers and production technologies. The materials are produced under the highest quality standards allowing no residual unbonded maleic anhydride in the final product. 

Yparex products feature the following processing advantages & product benefits.
Processing advantages:
·       High productivity
·       Consistent processability in terms of flow and melt stability
·       Excellent gelcount performance
·       Processable under a variety of (co-) extrusion conditions

Product benefits:
·       Consistent quality of adhesion
·       Retention of outstanding adhesion at elevated temperatures
·       Excellent long-term (thermal) stability
Packaging portfolio
Multi-layer material structures are widely used in the packaging industry as one single material cannot provide the desired properties. The broad array of polymers used in multilayer films are often incompatible and therefore need a “tie-layer”: Yparex® adhesive resins provide the solution.
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Building & Construction portfolio
A reliable and high-quality bond strength to various metal substrates is desirable in the building and construction industry.  Specially designed Yparex® products make sure that the end product maintains its initial good adhesive strength over time and under varying temperature conditions.
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Compatibilizers & Coupling agent portfolio
Yparex® offers a wide range of maleated polyolefin based coupling agents and compatibilizers. They are very effective in increasing the performance of compounds and composites and perform very well regarding colour, volatiles and durability.
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PV Modules portfolio
Yparex® offers a special range of PolyOlefin Elastomer (POE) based encapsulant solar films. These products are very successful in increasing the performance and shelf life of Photovoltaic Cells. The Compound Company is a reliable European partner for these POE encapsulants.
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Heat activated adhesive films
Yparex® heat activated adhesive films are flexible thin layers of high-performance bonding agents. They offer an impressive level of bonding performance for many applications such as (geo)textiles, furniture, shoes, wood composites.
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Regulatory & Certificates
Yparex® experts support their customers in acquiring approvals for their end applications, such as drink water approvals and approvals for medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Furthermore, the chemical composition of Yparex® meets requirements for food compliance and Yparex® experts fully support the REACH legislation.
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Yparex® typically behaves like a standard polyolefin material during processing. The Yparex® experts can tell you all about the production and storage of the product.
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