Yparex® products are used in a broad range of applications in a number of major industries, such as Packaging, Building & Construction, PV Modules and Compounding. The Yparex® products provide outstanding adhesion for all forms of polyolefins, including cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) when connected to:
  • barrier plastics such as ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and polyamide – useful for a wide variety of food, non-food, and industrial packaging applications
  • metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper – adding functionality to insulated pipe, wire jacketing, and decorative cladding panels for buildings.
  • silicones and glass – used in PV modules.
  • glass fibers and inorganic fillers - where Yparex® is used as coupling agent and compatibilizer for optimizing the performance of compounds and composites
Yparex® provides adhesion between various polyolefins and barrier materials giving reliable and high quality bond strength. Yparex® products are used in application areas ranging from food-contact bottles to multilayer pouches to industrial applications like agricultural films.
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Building & Construction
Yparex® not only provides good adhesion to polymeric substrates, but also a reliable and high-quality bond strength to various metal substrates which is quite often desirable in building and construction applications such as pipe, cable and wall panels.
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Yparex® coupling agents and compatibilizers are very effective in increasing the performance of compounds and composites and perform very well regarding colour.
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PV Modules
Yparex offers a special range of PolyOlefin Elastomer (POE) based encapsulant solar films. These products are very successful in increasing the performance and durability of Photovoltaic Cells
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