The Yparex brand was first launched in 1993 by DSM, The Netherlands. At that time, DSM already had significant experience with maleic anhydride modified polymers since 1989. Production took place at the DSM Specialty Compounding facility in Genk, Belgium. 

Further commercialization of Yparex® grades took place in the years that followed. Before long, specialty grades were being developed and offered to meet the needs of the fast growing multilayer pipe market. Many of these grades that were developed during this time are still being used by several customers.

In 2001, the Yparex® business was moved internally DSM to its DSM Engineering Plastics division, as the company divested its Polyolefin activities. At Engineering Plastics, Yparex supported the growth of the Akulon® Polyamide business in multilayer barrierfilm. In addition, the extensive quality philosophy of Engineering Plastics was fully adopted by the Yparex® business.

A decade later, in April 2011, Resin (Products & Technology) BV, based in Enschede, The Netherlands, acquired the Yparex® activity from DSM and a new company called Yparex B.V. was started. 
Resin (Products & Technology) BV and Yparex BV were separate companies under the umbrella of the RESIN Group of Companies as of 2011. After the merger of the two companies, the cultures have grown together. In the last few years, Resin (Products & Technology) BV and Yparex BV jointly made significant investments to expand their operations and service capabilities in order to serve their respective global customer base more effectively. In 2017 they decided to continue under one new company name: THE COMPOUND COMPANY. The Compound Company has 2 product brands: Ecoforte® plastic performance compounds and Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins.
The main drivers of The Compound Company are Customer Focus, Product Development and Production Flexibility.
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