Yparex® is a leading product brand (filed in 1989) for extrudable adhesive resins in multilayer applications. Yparex® is a product family of The Compound Company. The Yparex® portfolio consists of a full range of high-quality, high-tech tie-layer resins, coupling agents and compatibilizers, that meet the demanding needs of customers in a broad range of application areas.

Based on maleic anhydride-(MAH)-modified and functionalized polyolefin compounds, Yparex® extrudable adhesive tie-layer resins provide outstanding adhesion between all forms of polyolefin-based resins and other materials including metals (aluminium, steel, and copper) and barrier plastics (polyamides (nylons) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)). 

Yparex® resins are widely used in numerous application areas and industries: multilayer packaging films (e.g. barrier films for food packaging, industrial films with oxygen barrier, and medical packaging), building & construction, PV modules and compatibilizers and coupling agents for the compounding industry.

Customer Focus, Product Development and Production Flexibility are the drivers of The Compound Company. The Yparex® team looks forward to helping you in any way they can.
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