Yparex® is easy to process

Products - Processing

During processing, Yparex behaves like a standard polyolefin material. Therefore, it does not require any pre-drying step prior to processing as it is not moisture sensitive. Material should, however, be stored dry and away from direct sunlight to ensure storage stability.

Zone temperatures from a cooled feed entrance may reach up to 200-220 °C, using a relatively flat processing profile in the case of pipe or blown-film extrusion. For cast film and extrusion coatings, the temperatures of the melt will be higher accordingly and may reach 240-290°C.

There is no need to run purge compounds during production stops as the Yparex material is adequately thermal stabilised. At the end of the production run, customers may wish to clean out any remaining Yparex with a standard LLDPE (MFI=1 dg/min).

Picture thanks to the courtesy of Maillefer SA, Ecublens Switserland (Copyright).
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