Yparex® tie-layer in a wide variety of packaging applications

Applications - Packaging

 Yparex plays an important role in a wide variety of in packaging applications – ranging from food-contact bottles to multilayer pouches to industrial applications like agricultural films.

Today’s packaging applications demand a great deal from their materials of construction, including:
  • Barrier to flavour, oxygen and water
  • Mechanical strength
  • High aesthetics, including (in some cases) transparency and gloss
  • Sealability
  • Printability
  • Thermoformability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Food-contact approval
  • Flexibility or rigidity

In most case, these always demanding and often conflicting properties cannot be provided by a single material, hence multilayer structures are widely used. Usually these properties cannot be generated by one single material. Therefore multilayer concepts are widely used. However, the broad array of polymers used in multilayer films used in these concepts are often incompatible and therefore need a “tie-layer” to join them together to provide packging films that provide all the desired properties. Yparex adhesive resins provide the solution.

Multiple application areas

Typical application areas for Yparex in multilayer concepts are:
  • Flexible packaging (meat, sausage, cheese, fish)
  • Liquid packaging (juice, milk)
  • Medical packaging (intravenous bags, needle packaging)
  • Containers and bottles (intermediate-bulk containers (IBC) and sauces)
  • Agricultural film (fumigation)
  • Protective film (bubble wrap)
  • Tubes (for cosmetics and sauces)

Excellent adhesion towards PE, PA and EVOH

Yparex provides chemical reaction sites between PE and packaging barrier materials such as polyamide (PA) and EVOH, giving reliable and high-quality bond strength. The basic formation of adhesive sites is shown in the following figures.

Cost attractive dilution opportunities

The Yparex product range includes grades with a high level of activity, offering attractive options for cost optimization. In the figure on the right an indication of the dilution potential of Yparex 9403 is shown. The requirements of the application and the processing variables (e.g. contact time, melt temperature, layer thickness) determine the attainable dilution potential.

Excellent optical properties

In many multilayer film applications optical properties such as haze or clarity are extremely important. The excellent quality, low gel content and wide choice in rheological properties of Yparex ensure that the optical performance of the full packaging concept remains at a high level.

Easy processing

Yparex is an easy-to-process polyolefin-based polymer. The material has a broad processing window with mass temperatures allowed up to 300 °C. The broad choice in melt flow properties makes Yparex highly suitable for a wide range of processes like blow moulding, blown film, cast film and extrusion coating.
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