Yparex® offers excellent adhesion and longterm durability in multilayer pipe applications

Applications - Multilayer pipe

Multilayer pipe is an important and growing market for Yparex resins. Most often, combinations of PE or cross-linked PE and aluminium are used in multilayer composite pipes for sanitary hot and cold water supply and/or radiant heating systems. Yparex is the enabling technology that makes it possible to combine the best of both metals and polymers in these structures by providing an optimal degree of bonding over a wide temperature range.

Typical benefits supplied by Yparex resins in these structures include:
  • High mechanical performance
  • Excellent stability during thermal cycling
  • Stability over a broad range of temperatures (20-95°C) to ensure long-term use life

The graph below shows the latest new development (Yparex 8802 ES) in the continuous quest for higher performance required in multilayer pipe products.

Pipe grade adhesion graph

Radiant heating & cooling (floors & walls)

Combinations of PE with aluminium or PE with EVOH provide the right oxygen barrier properties and mechanical strength for use with in-floor heating pipes. As a bonding material, Yparex provides excellent adhesion and longterm durability under continuously changing temperatures.

Copper & steel pipe coatings

New developments in the copper pipe market required the development of a special adhesive resin that maintains its initial good adhesive strength over time and especially under high temperature conditions (up to 95°C). 

For example, the tri-layer structure of Cu / Yparex 9403 M / PE offers significant cost and weight reduction vs. traditional mono-material copper pipes for use in applications like sanitary hot and cold water plumbing. Yparex here offers high adhesion levels over a broad temperature range to ensure long use life. 

Steel pipes for oil and gas transportation require optimal corrosion and weathering protection. A tri-layer system of Epoxy base coating / Yparex / Polyolefin top coat provides a high degree of corrosion protection in this rugged field application while assuring long operating life for the pipe.


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