Yparex®, polymer compatibilizer for multi-component systems

Applications - Compatibilizers & Coupling agents

Compatibilizer & Coupling agent
Yparex® offers a wide range of maleated polyolefin based coupling agents and compatibilizers. These products are very effective in increasing the performance of fiber- and mineral-filled compounds and composites.

The amphiphilic (combined hydrophilic (water loving) and lipophilic (fat loving) nature of the Yparex products makes them particularly suitable for use as polymer compatibilizers for multi-component systems. Any combination of (in)organic pigment, mineral filler, metal particles and olefinic resin matrices may benefit from the dispersing power of Yparex grades. The addition of Yparex improves the dispersion of colour pigments in master batches.

Coupling agents
Addition of just a few percent of Yparex® coupling agents results in a significant increase in notched and unnotched impact properties of fiber enforced polyolefinic material. The portfolio comprises a wide range of polymeric backbones, both in PE and PP, making them suitable for a wide range of compounds and composites.
A neutral colour is very important for coupling agents. The Yparex® coupling agents perform very well regarding colour. Whiteness index and Yellowness-index are among the best in the industry.

New Yparex® materials
Modification of polymers is the core competence of Yparex BV, based on decades of experience. New materials are constantly investigated to see if they are suitable for addition to the portfolio. Customer-specific compatibilizers can be produced on request.
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